Good, no, GREAT music has a way of moving our heart, souls...and our bodies. It also has been known to move our lips and hips. The rhythm of music paces our breath and empowers our postures in YOGATHEA®. At a spiritual level within our bodies, a place where orange becomes happy and an e minor chord explains the trauma of our hearbreak, music can become more therapeutic than chocolate or that paid hour with a lisenced counselor. At least it moves our lips much more effectively.

Each one of us is carrying around a lifetime of experiences; wounded hearts we protect with emotional barriers, scars, distance, or active retaliation; experiences of pure love, young love, love of child. Music is so powerful to bring us to scream sing at the top of our lungs and push us into a fetal position on the floor. And oh the tears, the countless tears music has inspired. And what gets us off the floor, it's the music of course. There is a song for every occasion (and if there isn't, that's a million dollar opportunity there). Great songs allow us to experience emotion that words just don't reach which is why music is foundational to YOGATHEA®.

Music drives our programming. Uniting the soul of music and the postures of the body is foundational to YOGATHEA®. We feel stong in strong warrior postures as we breathe and hear a message of strength in the music. We let go and exhale as the singer freely strums an aucoustic guitar and shares her take on grace. I haven't discussed the reaching, yearning, seeking, grounding, balancing and other abstractly important things we feel in class. Which brings me to the challenge of finding not just good music, but great music.

Music reaches a place deeper within us to unleash raw emotion that mere words cannot. I scour the internet looking for music that will move the YOGATHEA® classes. Recently I even went to an obscure music store where two of the associates, a man with more beautiful hair than me and woman with plastic rim glasses and pigtails, were trying to help me out...without much avail.

The spectrum of human emotion we experience go far beyond commercial Christian Music. As Christians, I fully believe we are created in God's image and the vast set of emotions we experience are reflective of a creator who created us capapble to feel deeper than the deepest ocean and wider than the east is from the west. Music helps us get there and when coupled with moving and breathing in YOGATHEA®, we find the depths and broadness of who we are.

So please, if there is a song that has moved, especially a Christian song you love. I know you all belong to different churches who have different independent musicians who have published different albums. I need great music to inspire the classes. Please, please post the music which moved you in the comments or send me an email (yes I still use email) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And if anyone is interested in giving me a twitter tutorial, I'm open, I think. Music and human movement reach where words cannot, however words do change the course of thinking in our lives so still go see that counselor, and a chocolate bar is of course in order every now and then!