Accepting help can be difficult. For those of us over-achievers it can perceptively threaten our competence. Can I say let's eat some humble pie? Recently at the gym I helped a chick push in her 100+ pound prowler on her last lap of our group training. To push a prowler for any length of time or distance requires strength, endurance and lots of sheer wit. In my experience, the prowler will condition and fatigue it's driver.

Knowing this woman was at her limits, I thought I was being helpful and encouraging to assist. Knowing my limit is a 65 pound prowler for the required laps, I had completed the set and was already recovering. Gathering some extra energy I helped push her in for approximately 20 yards. She was offended. Shortly after the training session was finished I saw her completing her prowler set alone. I suppose this is a testament to integrity though not sure what this actually gained her? She seemed to be throwing a major pouting fit as she pushed alone. I left her alone this time as did everyone else.

Despite the vulnerability involved, Accepting Help Helps You and here's 3 reasons why:

1. Life Is More Fun Together:  Accepting help on the last lap does not mean you're incompetent, it means you didn't finish alone. Life is more fun together and what's the point of crossing the finish line if nobody s there to celebrate with us?


2. Understanding Limits: Too often we take on more than we can handle. This becomes obvious when an area of life starts falling apart: our house becomes a mess, we gain a few pounds, the bills start piling up. Pushing ourselves to the place of needing help, helps us understand where our limits are and how they are growing and changing.


3. Gratitude: Saying thank you is so much more delightful than having a silent (or not so silent) pouting fit. Only our insecurities challenge us to believe we have something to prove. Accepting help develops gratitude within us which brings us joy.

Somewhat recently I accepted dinner for my family when I was starting my new job. Nobody died, I didn't have a baby or was in hospital, my friend just saw my limits were exceeded and stepped in to help. I'm glad she did. My family appreciated her chicken tenders more so than any Hodge-Podge dinner I would have thrown together.  My heart changed from worry about "getting everything done" to gratitude and what a great transition that is!

After my dad suddenly died in a fatal accident nearly 5 years ago, I was left numb, praying for hope.  Having 3 young children at home, I did manage to get out of bed each day to change diapers, serve meals and drive the oldest to preschool.  I'm pretty sure my 3-year-old daughter's hair was a wreck for several months, I didn't have the energy to doll her up.  Those spring days were very long and empty filled with an unhealthy diet and apathetic workouts.  The ladies in my yoga classes were worried about me, bringing me food and gently encouraging me to eat it...I was underweight. 

We've all been there (and if you haven't you will), grieving and lost, needing something new to hope for.   The only prayer I could muster in that time was, "God, I'm very sad and I need something new to hope for."  Well aware that God had already blessed me richly with a beautiful family, home and lots friends from the gym and church, I really did feel guilty to ask.  Everyone loses their parents at some point, I had just lost one of mine earlier and in a more tragic manner right?

As a faithful and loving God would have it, new hope came.  What seemed like an eternity was really 2 months after the funeral, I became pregnant.  God answered my prayer allowing the agony in my soul to subside.  Faith was mine once again and even stronger because I experienced hope after has victory!  Moved by this defining experience, I wrote the song, "With You Child" to my new son sharing how God  answers prayers with children...with new little babies.  Children, especially this child, gives me faith.  Faith was found from a child for enslaved Israel with Moses, a transitioning kingdom with Samuel, and a lost world with Jesus.  Today this baby of mine turns 4 and in honor of his birthday I share his song, "With You Child" with you!  Enjoy!

(please allow a few seconds for the player to play)

With You Child by Tara Galles