Adrian Peterson's indictment for "disciplining his son with a switch" has surfaced the multitude of deep convictions on how to raise children. Often these practices are cultural. Adrian's method of correction is widely practiced in the south. Most southern parents don't have NFL sized arms though. Churches have their own child discipline cultural as well. I was once advised by a church leader, when dealing with my defiant toddler, to spank the child until the child was submissive. This advice sounded more Stalinistic than Christian to me.

Mary, mother of Jesus, was warned in Luke 2:35 that this child would pierce her soul. I think all kids do this to their parents, especially if the parents are trying to be parents and care about the actions of their children. In short, Simeon was letting Mary know that she can't control her son. Despite being a child of questionable origins and uprooted to a pagan culture as a child, Jesus became a model Jew working his way to the top of the educational system and becoming a Rabbi. That's when his defiant side became apparent, breaking the rules by appointing a rag-tag group of disciples. Jesus began making seemingly erroneous claims about himself (we've never heard such things from our children!). When Jesus was an adult, his family was concerned he had lost his mind and Jesus just blew them off (Mark 3). Jesus didn't directly serve a synagogue or community either..what in God's name was he thinking? The defiant adventures of Jesus didn't last long. As many young male adventurers do, he got himself killed. The fate a mother fears most and the very reason we teach our children to follow the rules. Unfortunately the death of Jesus carried the shame of a political and religious rebel. That would pierce my soul too.

Perhaps Mary should have "disciplined her child with a switch" or spanked him into submission? If Jesus had "proper respect" for his family and mother he would have certainly responded to their request to see him, right? Perhaps if she had more control as a parent...but what would the world be like today without the defiant spirit of Jesus?

Child discipline and boundaries are obviously necessary and important for our communities and lives. I still haven't discovered the benefit of bullying a child or inappropriately assaulting them into submission--abuse kills our spirit. Our defiant spirit, when allowed to move within the proper boundaries is the same spirit that delivers new inventions, businesses, and ideas to the world. Again, what would the world be like today without the defiant spirit of Jesus? If you're finding yourself with the intrinsic desire to control and dominate your children, perhaps consider setting boundaries for them instead. Come take a yoga class and see if you need so much control afterward? Letting our children be like Jesus, especially the defiant Jesus, is allowing God to pierce your soul. Mary's soul was forever pierced but the defiant spirit of Jesus did save the world!

Running a business for the past couple of years has given me new respect for entrepreneurs.  It takes a lot of time and persistence to develop a business idea into a viable product.  Once the product is ready to formally present, it's not a guarantee the world will embrace it.  Rejection bites.  I feel vulnerable.

It's been two years since I released my first Christian Yoga DVD "Perfect Peace".  It seems like a lifetime ago.  I am still selling DVDs one at a time out of my trunk and gym bag, at craft shows and through the internet.  Knowing many successful startups started peddling their products out of their trunk as well, I sell whenever, wherever and however. Quite frankly I don't have a lot of time to invest in my business as I stay busy with my four young children whose ages range from 4-10.  Nevertheless, God provides opportunities and my network of Yogacaans (Christian Yoga Instructors).  This helps me rememberI have been called to this work.

"Faith" is often thrown around as some feel-good virtue, or at least I threw it around as one.  Faith is also misconceived as sticking it out through misery.  I've learned during my short-time in business that faith is truly believing.  Yes, I know the Bible says this in Hebrews 11, though it certainly hits home when your family assets and career are on the line.  Faith takes risks that look ridiculous from the outside, nevertheless, the call is strong so you joyfully continue in the work knowing it will flourish in it's own time.  My business in faith is to joyfully continue with the work and blessings I have been given.  So what's your business in faith?

We all intuitively want to be involved with practices that benefit our lives; however, sometimes the barriers keeping us out are irrational and enormous.  Let's face it, most of America has access to information that teaches people to make healthy choices, yet we still have an enormous obesity problem (no pun intended).  Understanding the benefits are not enough, we must literally experience the benefits, and only then through discipline and consistency can we grow.  I often tell my classes that the hardest part of class is showing up.  Somehow with exercise, people feel they must be an expert on day one...but it isn't going to happen!  On day 3 or 30 it still won't happen, though you might feel more comfortable and confident then.  So here are my Top 5 Reasons to help you overcome barriers and try a Christian Yoga and Meditation Class.  I hope you enjoy and will stop in soon!

5.  When you show up, something happens.  

The hardest part of class is showing up remember?  If you don't show up, nothing happens, if you do show up, you will move which heightens your energy and endorphin level.   We do transform from the inside out, so this transformation may be a while to see or feel, though some effects of a yoga class can be felt immediately.


4.  You can do more than raise your hands. 

The raising of hands is a recognized method of praise in many worship traditions. How about using your entire body for Jesus? (Romans 12:1).  The expression of praise and yearning in a physical sense is heightened when the larger muscle groups are involved and you don't have to feel awkward because everyone else in class is using their entire body too.


3.  This may be the only quiet time you get. 

If you are crazy busy and have young children in your life, having a moment of silence is rare.  Attending yoga class promotes a meaningful internal experience and helps you to regroup in a quiet setting.  You will think more clearly and be more productive.


2.  Christian Meditation is Awesome.   

Meditation is proven to strengthen your immune system and help you cope.  Christian Meditation is even better because it helps us realize Christ within.  It can be challenging to be still, however in a group of people accustomed to meditating, you will embrace it with ease.


1.  Quit looking for God and start listening to God.  

I stumbled upon Christian Yoga and Meditation and found it incredibly healing, because I was able to stop looking for God and start listening to God through the silence. Many others have found the same experience.  My faith has been spurred and I can't help but to share this with the world, so I hope you will stop in on a class sometime and transform your pain and stress into inner peace and healing through the power of faith celebrated in Christian Yoga and Meditation!