A hidden reality of helping women in fitness, is the response and support of their husbands or significant other (Aka "old man"). I have yet to help a woman achieve significant changes to her body without her experiencing some turbulence in her relationship. Most of the time, this situation is resolved with a few mature conversations helping the husband or "old man" accept that his woman is now "hot" and will indefinitely be receiving extra looks and some unsolicited attention from other men. The woman typically reassures him of her faithfulness and eventually appeases his insecurity. Case closed and they live happily ever after with hot new wifey (and if she's lucky, he decides to join her at the gym so she doesn't spend their 401K with another man due to husbands premature death attributed to hypokinetic chronic disease!). Unfortunately, sometimes a metamorphasized woman becomes destructive with her new prowess-powers (think of a Pink Incredible Hulkette seductive homewrecker on steroids). 

My experience in conservative Indiana is most Christian women who regularly exercise their faith don't fall like this. Intuitively, an evolving woman understands that becoming her healthier, fitter and typically better looking self will glorify God, especially when free of the vanity idol. Sadly, I've seen too many Christian husbands struggle with the idea of their wife receiving looks from other men. Hurting and handicapping other from evolving is not Gods plan which is why I'm sharing these reasons Christian Husbands Should Help Their Wives In AND Out of Yoga Pants...and into yoga class!


1. You like how she looks in AND out of yoga pants. Yes, another man might catch a glance too but doesn't know or appreciate her assets like you do! The truth is, your wife is likely a modest dresser and isn't looking to draw this type of attention to herself. The rest of the truth is that most men at the gym and in yoga class are more interested in looking at themselves instead of a momma trying to get in shape. Their nanosecond imaginative look at your wife in yoga pants doesn't have time to get her out of the pants because they need to make sure they are posing, grunting  breathing or sweating properly. If only Adam was watching his wife strolling around that forbidden tree... This really does put you in a dilemma now doesn't it Christian husband? If you really understood grace, you wouldn't have an issue and would trust your wife's judgement on the yoga pants thing. God trusts you and grants you grace when you mess up...shouldn't you do the same with her? Help her into those yoga pants!

2. Christian Women Should Work It!  (See my post: Why Christian Women Should Work It) Work it does NOT mean riske wardrobe, table dancing on Friday night or general floozie. It means she's "got it!" Size doesn't matter on this one, we all know when a woman "has it" and many-a-sized woman has it! Yes, Christian husband, you know your wife has it but does she realize she has it? Yes, I understand that you know that other men know she has it too and you're trying to keep the cat in the bag. The truth is she could be SO MUCH MORE!!!Encouraging her to wear to those yoga pants and get to that yoga class will help her become more comfortable in her body and in using her body. Better yet, you are the first in line for the ALL THAT MORE which will lend you many more opportunities to help her OUT of those yoga pants.

3. Community. Women are supportive of each other and thrive in groups. Typically, a yoga class is predominately and sometimes exclusively women who form wonderful sisterly relationships, especially within the YOGATHEA® Christian Yoga + Meditation Classes. The health benefits of yoga and meditation are undeniable and benefit the individuals and their communities. We will send her home properly encouraged, listening to her laments along the way. This community and her yoga pants will energize you to help her in AND out of those yoga pants...whichever your prefer!

Tara Galles

Tara is the founder of YOGATHEA® inspiring others to "Breathe the Peace Which Transcends All Understanding - Mind + Body + Spirit” through Christian Yoga + Meditation DVDs, CDsInstructor Training Program, and Women's RetreatsTara currently resides in Kokomo, Indiana with her husband and 4 children where she practices Occupational Therapy and has made peace with the snow.