Confession of a YOGATHEA® Mom:  I am procrastinating making arrangements for our upcoming family Memorial Day Weekend trip because the thought of the whole thing is exhausting to me. 

There's still 4 days left to make arrangements right? We are bound to get awesome accommodations from a last minute cancellation...right.   The truth is that I'm more anxious about how to manage my 4 children, all day, everyday at home for 2 months this summer.  This really shouldn't be the case, since there was a time not so long ago that I had all 4 kids home with me all day, everyday, as the older two were home-schooled.  After an hour of reflection in yoga, knowing my perspective is causing discontent in my life, I finally fessed up to a couple of veteran moms; they completely understood.  The truth is these trips are becoming easier as we are out of the stroller and diaper stage, everyone dons their own seatbelt and mostly minds their own business in a book or electronic gadget.  Thank God for DVD players in the van!  Better yet, my two oldest will be especially helpful with the laundry because they know I won't leave until it's done.

Following my own advice, I took some time to express gratitude for this little vacation and the extra time I will have with my children this summer.  Gratitude is a virtue and cultivating it requires formal expression.  Whether writing a thank you note, expressing verbal gratitude, offering prayers of thanksgiving or keeping a personal list, formal expression of gratitude helps us to experience richer, more gratifying days in life.  This past New Year a friend of mine gave me a crafted "faith jar".   The purpose of this jar is as I came across issues that challenge my faith or bring me exhaustion (like planning a summer home with 4 kids) I am to write these down and throw them in the jar.  The notes in the jar are little prayers of surrender that I can commence 2014 reading, seeing what God has done.  The use of this practice creates room in my heart for gratitude as I literally let go of my worries into the jar.   I must confess, again, that it is only May and my 16oz Pinterest-esque jar is getting full, though my heart is more clear.  Remembering the positives and taking the time to formally express gratitude for them is my secret to having a great day, everyday.