This week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby as a "closely held" corporation, which according to my friend and IUK colleague Linda (a #yogathea who is very involved teaching her business law classes thus neglecting her yoga class) "brings up a host of other issues" about whether public corporations can hold firmly held religious beliefs reflected in their mission, vision and core values statements. If you're unaware of the details of this case, Hobby Lobby, a national craft store chain founded and operated by a religious group with fundamental beliefs about birth control, appealed to the US Supreme Court to be exempt of providing birth control options as a part of their employee health care plan as now mandated by Obamacare.

The last I knew, health insurance provided by an employer is a privilege not a right.  Because of this, I am grateful President Obama is making efforts to have health insurance accessible to all.  However, thank you to Your Honors for protecting the religious freedom of businesses as I run a "closely held" Christian Yoga corporation that relies on exercising freedom on a regular basis.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about women exercising their freedom to use birth control pills for whatever purposes, I simply don't understand why someone thought is was their employer's responsibility to pay for this inexpensive and accessible prescription. Evidently they don't want to accept the financial responsibility here.   Taking personal responsibility for ones health involves making informed choices on nutrition and exercise and following through to provide the resources to enable health.  The resources are often time, money and energy which Americans don't want to give.  Instead, American Citizens  place the responsibility of their personal health in the hands of their employers, hoping to avoid committing money, time or energy.  Employers are assuming this responsibility and directing health decisions for us.  Now, our employers and insurance companies are desperately trying to educate and incentivize us to take responsibility, though based on the sedentary look of these Justices above and the observation that more people patron restaurants than gyms on Monday nights(simultaneously the gym's busiest night of the week and the restaurants slowest); I'm guessing we aren't going to take responsibility for our health and our healthcare will be dictated by our employers' insurance company protocols.  This too may eventually influence our personal religious freedom as these protocols are likely going to be more sensitive to the business' core values, not to the many personal religious beliefs out there.  This young lady seems to have the right idea to "stand" for religious freedoms!  I doubt she is worried about what her employer's health care plan covers... (even if she may need help for cramps :-O)

Assuming responsibility for your health could very well protect your religious freedom.  Most of my #yogatheas participate in class as a hobby of sorts, this lobbies for their religious freedom.  Bike races, community runs, yoga class participation, tracking body-bug data are only a few of the hobbies that help you assume responsibility and lobby for your religious freedom.  I love teaching and training the Christian Yoga Instructors because I see them exercising their religious freedom in their communities. Most of these instructors teach as a hobby and this hobby lobbies for religious freedom.  

When I was a freshman in college biology, I remember chronicling the Krebs Cycle as a soap opera for the final project:  "As Kreb Turns".  During the drama, glucose, fatty acids and oxygen had a variety of rendezvous relationships that ultimately turned into ATP (adenosine triphosphate aka energy) which then fueled the cycle for "Kreb to Turn" again.  The presentation was given with unlicensed background cassette music that looped the "As The World Turns" theme music.  Our creativity gained us the opportunity to present to other science faculty, evidently our insights into energy production was fresh to their scholarly ears  (emphasis on the pun "fresh" added!)

Finding fresh energy in life is a challenge, however there are a few, easy practicals that are guaranteed to produce a fresh energy in your life.  Any effort through these strategies always bring about a self-appreciation and well, I have yet to meet a person regretful of participating in any of these organic energy production activities.

1.  Exercise

Energy is produced during all types of exercise.  Kreb can turn a few different ways, depending on the type of exercise and energy production that is in order.  Whether aerobic, anaerobic exercise, a great workout will produce energy for you and a long term workout regimen will produce energy in every area of your life (trust me on this, it takes a lot of energy to be me!)  See you in yoga soon?


2.  Nutrition

You've heard it said we are what we eat.  Eating is to nourish our bodies for it's required activities, not to pacify anxiety.  A balanced diet rich in nutrients fuels us to create fresh energy in life.  Nutrient rich foods are able to be broken down to make Kreb turn.  Think about it, you wouldn't put kool-aid in your car because it wouldn't fuel it to drive.  If you're finding a deficit of energy in your life, try a higher quality fuel.


3.  Rest

Need I say more?  When was the last time you got up from a great night of sleep feeling terrible?  As I write this past my bedtime, I am feeling convicted.  Okay, I'm not a TOTAL health freak and despite requiring a lot of energy to be me, I still need fresh energy from proper rest.  Goodnight...almost, or good morning, it's your Wednesday Morning Mantra Manna!


4.  Find the Light of Life

Jesus says in John 8:12, "I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life."  Jesus is the light of the world and has a lot of energy which he displayed through the transfiguration, miracles and resurrection.  I personally like having the "light of life" within me and believe it energizes me.  Becoming aware or finding the "light of life" comes from aligning our own personal energies in meditation.  One is fresh with a quiet and stable energy after meditation and yes, Christians can evidently be fresh!


So go produce some fresh energy in your life.  It's okay for Christians to be fresh and you're future self will thank you for it!